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Top Choices For Surgical Gloves | Exam Gloves

Top Choices For Surgical Gloves

You don’t have to be a surgeon to appreciate the need for medical grade surgical gloves. Anyone who works in a fast paced, demanding industry that comes in contact with toxins, pathogens or chemicals can understand and admire the strength that these supple, formidable gloves provide in such a fragile environment. Whether the race is on to save a life, or help prevent further injury or illness, the right type of gloves are more important than ever to the bustling medical profession.

As with all types of hospital equipment, buying exam gloves shouldn’t be solely focused around things like price or quantity, but rather how the gloves will be used. In surgical cases, the most common type of glove used is latex. With their incredible strength and elasticity, latex gloves have provided a safe, effective barrier against contamination and infection for over a century. This, in turn, has drastically reduced the spread of contagious diseases and bacterial infections – especially in areas like hospitals and clinics where additional health issues can crop up suddenly – even going so far as to result in the patient’s death. With a consistent supply of latex surgical gloves, the surgeon is able to help reduce the risk of a secondary infection while staying protected and secure against possible direct contact with bodily fluids.

For all their benefits, latex gloves can also be impossible for others to wear because of an allergy to the rubber protein that makes up the latex. In these people, wearing latex gloves can cause an uncomfortable allergic reaction such as eczema or psoriasis. Until recently, there were few alternatives that provided the versatility and protection of latex without causing skin problems in sensitive individuals. Fortunately, recent advances in the making of surgical gloves has created a synthetic material that’s as strong as latex, but without the rubber materials that cause allergies.

Both latex and synthetic gloves are made of a soft, supple material that neatly conforms to the hand while the tacky coating makes it easy to grip surgical instruments or small parts without slipping or dropping them. Many people who wear medical gloves on a daily basis swear by the confidence that the “second skin” of medical grade gloves gives them. When conditions are demanding, it pays to know you can rely on gloves that are engineered not to easily rip or tear.

The bottom line is this. When it comes to choosing the best surgical gloves for any operation, large or small, having both latex and synthetic gloves will provide a wide range of protection while delivering added dexterity that cheap medical gloves simply can’t compare to. It also reduces the likelihood of skin reactions while providing increased versatility in a wide variety of uses and settings. Who would ever think that something as routine and common as selecting the right kind of exam gloves not only adds to your personal comfort and confidence, but can also give you the best possible chance to reduce infection rates and possibly save a life?

Apr 4, 2010 / Exam Glove

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