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Latex Exam Gloves

Latex Exam Gloves

Benefits Of Wearing Latex Exam Gloves

For over a century, latex exam gloves have been the protective wear of choice for all types of use – in both the medical and chemical industries, and it’s no surprise why.  Latex gloves provide excellent protection when used in high-risk scenarios including surgeries, exposure to bodily fluids, chemical usage and much more.  Because of their unique composition, these gloves are also flexible enough to help grip and support the handling of surgical instruments.  There are lots of other benefits to wearing latex exam gloves as well.  Here are just a few of the many reasons why investing in these sturdier, stronger exam gloves is a smart idea for high risk, heavy-duty situations.

Latex Exam Gloves Provide Thicker, Stronger And Greater Elasticity In A Variety of Settings

Whether you’re conducting emergency surgery or transferring highly caustic chemicals, skin contact is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.  Latex exam gloves are made thick to prevent seepage or leakage while their strong, stretchable rubber-like material holds up well in water as well as acids.   They’re also highly resistant to tears, rips or punctures while retaining unique flexible properties that make it easy to grip and handle delicate instruments.

What’s The Difference Between Powdered And Powder-Free Latex Gloves?

Powdered latex exam gloves provide lubrication that makes them easy to take on and off, as well as take out of their box.  This powder also prevents the gloves from sticking together on your hands, but is also what makes it easier for you to grip things with them.  Many times, the powder used on powdered exam gloves is actually cornstarch.  The problem occurs with people who are sensitive to this powder, such as those who have skin allergies or asthma.  When the powder is breathed in or touches the skin, this can trigger an allergic reaction.

Non-powdered latex gloves are also available, as are “lightly powdered” variations which may not cause an allergic reaction.  Latex exam gloves can also be lubricated with chlorine, which helps reduce the tackiness, however this can also affect the properties of the latex gloves and is not advised for high-risk situations where contamination is probable without adequate protection.

When Are Powder-Free Gloves A Better Option?

Because of the risk of allergen exposure, powder free latex exam gloves are quickly becoming the standard in medical, food and chemical industries.  Even while using powder free gloves, extra dusting is not necessary due to the unique coating added to powder free gloves to provide them with similar durability and “grip-ability” as their powdered counterparts.  This coating allows the gloves to be pulled on and off with wet, damp or dry hands.  All in all, the type of exam gloves you choose will depend on the risk level of the work, your tolerance to allergies (both caused by skin contact and inhalation) and your comfort level when wearing exam gloves or handling latex in general.  With this in mind, latex exam gloves are a solid choice for reliability, superior protection and unbeatable comfort when the job demands dexterity and flexibility.

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