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Medical Exam Gloves

Medical Exam Gloves

Which Type Of Medical Exam Gloves Are Right For You?

When conducting medical exams, you need the right glove for the job “at hand”.  With so many choices of medical exam gloves available on the market today, it can be difficult to decide on the right glove for your needs.  Do you choose a strong, flexible variety like latex, a modern, hypoallergenic choice like nitrile or a cheaper version like vinyl?  When you know the type of job you’ll be performing, deciding on the right type of glove is much easier.  Here are the most common types of gloves used in the healthcare industry, and when to use them.

Latex Gloves – High Risk, Heavy Duty Protection

Latex is highly recommended for its versatility in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare buildings.  Because of their exact fit to the hand, latex enables the wearer to grip and handle instruments with delicate precision.  In addition, latex gloves are ideal for when exposure to contaminants, toxins, pathogens or bodily fluids is highly likely, making them a must-have for surgical operations or even routine check-ups.   The downside to wearing these types of medical exam gloves is the risk of an allergic reaction to the rubber proteins that make up latex itself.  Therefore, those with sensitive skin should avoid this type of glove.

Nitrile Gloves – A Modern Choice For Superior Durability

Nitrile is a unique blend of polymers and other chemicals which combine to form a skin-tight, heat activated barrier against the skin.  Nitrile provide enhanced durability and can easily be replaced as they show tears, rips and punctures more easily than latex – thereby minimizing the risk of contact.  Their unique rubber-like material will likely not cause an allergic reaction, as it is made up of a completely different material than latex, yet nitrile medical exam gloves offer similar protection and strength while remaining contoured to the form of your hand.

Vinyl Gloves – An Economical Way To Get Work Done

If you’re looking for medical exam gloves but don’t require the heavy strength and durability of latex or nitrile exam gloves, vinyl is a great choice.  In addition to providing fantastic value for the money, vinyl gloves provide extra protection against the skin for routine, non-invasive work.  If you aren’t going to be exposed to toxins, fluids or other infectious agents, vinyl gloves are a great choice for everyday jobs where an added wetness barrier is needed to prevent hands from chapping from constant washing.  Vinyl gloves also won’t cause an allergic reaction and can actually help protect the skin by letting it “breathe” more comfortably.

Powdered and Powder-Free Medical Exam Gloves

The type of gloves you choose depends on the dexterity of the work you’ll be performing.  Powdered versions are ideal for situations where the ability to grip and handle instruments easily is important.  Non-powdered versions are more comfortable and are not as likely to cause hand, throat or lung irritation if such sensitivities to these airborne particles exist.  In the end, having the right type of medical exam gloves for the right kind of job can make all the difference!

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