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Nitrile Exam Gloves

Nitrile Exam Gloves

The Many Benefits Of Using Nitrile Exam Gloves

Nitrile is a unique type of polymer that provides superior protection against contaminants and chemicals without the risk of contact dermatitis which can be caused by an allergy to latex or rubber gloves.  Nitrile itself is made up of several types of chemicals that, when used together, create a bond with rubber-like elasticity.  When this unique creation was fully developed and introduced on a commercial scale, it was originally used in the abrasion and chemical industries.  Today, nitrile exam gloves are used in a variety of professions, including the medical and healthcare industry, particularly in high risk or high contact procedures.

A New Makeup Creates Less Allergic Sensitivities

People who are normally allergic to latex gloves are actually reacting to the rubber proteins used to make up the latex.  In addition, certain types of exam gloves can be powdered, and this powder can potentially be inhaled or land on the skin, causing an allergic reaction.  When these sensitivities are in place, it can be difficult to find the right kind of glove that provides a similar barrier against contact with bodily fluids or caustic chemicals, but without causing skin, throat or lung irritation the way latex and inhaled powder from examination gloves can.  Nitrile exam gloves are composed of an entirely different chemical makeup which contains no rubber proteins or powder that can react with the body.  Therefore, an allergic reaction wearing gloves made of nitrile material is highly unlikely.  This makes these particular gloves a great alternative to latex – especially in clinical or surgical environments.

Gloves That Uniquely Contour To Fit Your Hand And Improve Dexterity

Nitrile material offers another added benefit that few other types of exam gloves can compete with.  It is heat activated, which means that from the moment you slip it on, your natural body heat works with the monomers in the glove to contour it to the shape of your hand.  This adds increased precision, dexterity and flexibility in handling without the need for additional powder.  The glove itself is soft and supple – almost as if you’re wearing a second skin.  Nitrile exam gloves are also highly resistant to tears, rips and punctures – up to three times more than latex.  That’s not to say that nitrile gloves are completely puncture-proof.  However, if punctured, the hole can easily be seen as the material rips away.  Compare this to latex, where tiny holes can allow fluids, chemicals and acids to seep through and burn or contaminate the skin.

Explore The Most Common Uses For Nitrile Exam Gloves

Nitrile exam gloves are highly favored in laboratory settings, where exact dexterity and nimbleness of the hands is required to pour and mix chemicals.  Because of the risk of hazardous chemicals or toxins, Nitrile’s strength is generally preferred over latex because of latex’s greater susceptibility to small pinprick holes that cannot easily be identified.  Nitrile exam gloves also naturally resist electric charges, making it safer to use them when working with toxins or contaminated instruments.  Because of their inability to statically attract other pathogens, nitrile is a top choice for working in environments where risk management is crucial to one’s personal safety.

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