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Vinyl Exam Gloves

Vinyl Exam Gloves

What To Know When Buying Vinyl Exam Gloves

Like latex, there are two main varieties of vinyl exam gloves – powdered and non-powdered.  However, this is where the similarities between these two types of gloves end.  Vinyl gloves are perfect for certain types of jobs – including laboratory work such as mixing or pouring acids or alkaline substances, as well as janitorial work such as emptying a trash can or handling disinfectants.  Vinyl exam gloves can also be worn in food handling situations.  They’re ideal for short-term, low-risk situations where exact precision isn’t necessary, but an added barrier against the skin is.

Why Choose Vinyl Exam Gloves For Your Work?

If you’re looking for gloves that can be worn when in contact with bodily fluids, infectious agents or other high risk procedures, you should choose an alternative to vinyl.  Other materials such as nitrile and latex are far more durable and resistant to tears, rips and punctures.  In addition, vinyl does not provide the exact “cling” needed to do the type of work where high dexterity and accuracy are required.  Vinyl can tear more easily but is also noted as being looser and more comfortable to wear.  Many people wear vinyl exam gloves when involved in things like gardening or automotive work, simply to protect their hands from scuffs, scrapes and getting dirt or oil under their fingernails.

A Great Choice For Avoiding Allergic Reactions

Because vinyl is not made with rubber proteins the way latex is, these type of gloves are a good choice for anyone with allergic sensitivities to latex gloves.  It should be noted, however, that the type and level of protection is not the same, however for everyday routine work that does not involve skin contact with pathogens or fluids, vinyl can be a great choice.  In addition to not provoking an allergic reaction, vinyl is also a good choice for those with eczema.  With the constant hand washing and reapplication of gloves that is so common in many industries, the body’s natural oil barrier on the skin becomes depleted, which can lead to eczema – a non-contagious itchy rash that can be exacerbated by wetness, stress and other factors.   Since vinyl exam gloves are water resistant, they can provide a highly effective barrier against dampness which can irritate and worsen eczema.

Vinyl Exam Gloves Are An Economical Alternative For Everyday Use

Because of the low cost needed to manufacture them, vinyl gloves are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of examination gloves.  Like the latex varieties, these gloves are available in powered and powder free versions.  The light dusting of powder makes these gloves easy to remove when needed, while their flexibility makes them a top choice for easy application.  When you’ve got a job that doesn’t require a heavy duty, high-risk and virtually impervious glove – it makes sense to choose vinyl exam gloves.  Along with their low risk of allergic reactions from skin contact, their comfort, elasticity and disposability make these gloves a smart and inexpensive choice for workers in a wide variety of work across several industries.

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